Street Scene® 950-70694 - Rear Lip Spoiler (Unpainted)

Collections: Exterior Styling

Product type: Aero Wing

Tags: Street Scene



Adds a touch of performance style
Improves aerodynamics
Molded urethane construction
Comes ready to prep and paint
Designed for a snug fit
Easy installation
Necessary hardware included
Carries a one-year warranty
For many drivers, a vehicle is the ultimate statement of their pride and status, therefore, they always look for the ways to trick out their car with fancy add-ons. And this is when Street Scene Equipment comes into play. Designed to perfection, these accessories are sure to add a touch of distinction to the exterior look. The Street Scene products could be seen in numerous auto magazines and featured on many popular TV shows. It’s no wonder why Street Scene is one of the most popular auto styling trendsetters.

The Street Scene spoiler will create the aggressive look you seek. Designed to minimize drag, assure the necessary down force and reduce the lift at higher speeds, this add-on is just what the doctor ordered! What’s more, the part is pretty sturdy stuff made of durable urethane. Like most of Street Scene's products, the Street scene spoiler comes to you ready to prep and paint to get a truly custom look.

Unfortunately, vehicle customization can often be a costly affair. We know how disappointing it is to pay an arm and a leg for the product, open the package and see a whole bunch of junk that isn’t worth the money invested in it. For your total peace of mind, all Street Scene products carry a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. more details on -